Who are we?

Armería Castro interior Armería Castro interior Armería Castro interior


Armeria Castro is a shop which has specialized in hunting, fishing and sports since many years ago. It has been a reference for all those who love outdoor live in the city of León and its province. Armería Castro is a family business that has been passed down from generation to generation for more than hundred years. In 1909 D. Ramón Castro, who was passionate about hunting and fishing and an entrepreneur of his time, opened his first shop in La Rúa Street in the historical city centre.


Forty years later, D. Santiago Castro inherited his father’s business. He was a tireless and hard worker and got to expand his business from the local area to the province.


Later, in 1994, D. Santiago Castro´s successor was Carmela Castro, his daughter, who opened two new shops. In April of 2010, during a recession, she inaugurated a shop specialized in the Camino de Santiago, which is directed to pilgrims, exactly opposite where her first shop was on, in La Rua Street. She went on with her good experience and she opened a new shop in 2014 due to the success of the second shop, she decided to open a third one, in 2014, situated in Burgo Nuevo street, in the central location called Picara Justina square.


Today, these three business establishments, which belong to the group Armeria Castro, are opened and they are a sign of professionalism, quality and vanguards.