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The G Magnum IGT Mach1 Carbine features the following technology characteristic of the Gamo brand:

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The G Magnum IGT Mach1 Carbine features the following technology characteristic of the Gamo brand:
Gamo Power: Gamo Power carbines incorporate a 33mm cylinder, larger than the cylinder of its predecessors (22mm). It provides lighter load and more clearance to develop 24 joules of power.
Gamo IGT Mach1: The Gamo IGT Match 1 carbines incorporate a piston only in carbines with a 33 mm cylinder, which offers us more muzzle velocity, consisting of a piston with a larger RAM gas based on the IGT system (Inert Gas Technology).
CAT: Trigger adjustable both in the first phase of the shot and in the second independently, much smoother and more precise than its predecessors. It increases the cleanliness and precision of the shot and allows it to be controlled in a much more accurate way offering more professional features.
SWA: The new Gamo stock improves shooting comfort by increasing recoil absorption after shooting. It incorporates three removable pieces that allow adjusting the absorption of the recoil of the weapon to the values ​​that most favor the user, achieving an improvement of up to 74% over the standard stock.
RRR strip: Technology developed to reduce recoil by means of two pieces of aluminum separated by a polymer to absorb the shock wave. Thus, the vibrations transmitted to the internal components of the visors are reduced by almost 100%. The rail is universal Dovetail (Dovetail) 11 mm.
Truglo: Truglo applies the latest technologies to the market for fiber optic scopes and sights, providing a clear, high-quality view even in low visibility conditions.
• Weight: 2.5kg
• Length: 110cm
• Power: 24Joules
• Available gauges: 4.5mm and 5.5mm
• Speed: 386m / s (4,5 gauges)
• Scope: Micrometric
• Cover point
• Strip
• Ambidextrous


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