Polyamide Ripstop 70 D

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 Comfort temperature: 13ºC Limit Temperature: 10ºC Extreme Temperature: -3ºC Weight: 600g Length: 205 cm Height: up to 185 cm tall Shoulder width: 75 cm Bottom width: 48 cm Pack-Size: ø 12 cm x 25 cm Outer shell: Dura-RS Hexlite Inner lining: Soft-nylon taffeta Filling: Soft Polydown Polyester Filling Fiber Weight: 160g Material composition: Polyester 50% / Nylon: 50%) INFORMATION FOR RANGES: COMFORT - LOWER LIMIT - EXTREME COMFORT: It is based on the lowest temperature at which a "standard" woman (25 years / 60 kg / 160 cm) can sleep comfortably in a relaxed position. This range guarantees a comfortable sleep, also for inexperienced users. THE LOWER LIMIT: It is based on the lowest temperature at which a "standard" adult male (25 years / 70 kg / 173 cm) can sleep comfortably in a relaxed position. An experienced user can optimize insulation qualities by their choice of clothing and other factors. EXTREME: EXTREME is a survival only rating for a "standard" adult female. She can go six hours without sleep. No risk of death from hypothermia, but with a risk of other health damage (such as frostbite).


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